CEBU City, August 24, 2013—The Archdiocese of Cebu has joined the snowballing clamor for an investigation of the pork barrel scam. 

Cebu’s Archdiocesan Discernment Group will hold a Mass on August 26 at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral to call people to discernment on political corruption. 

ADG convenor Msgr. Romualdo Kintanar has invited members of the religious, lay organizations and movements and the Cebuano people to join the 8am Mass to get spiritually strengthened and nourished, to bring Christ’s wisdom and love especially to the financial aspect of political governance. 

“We join the search for the best way to use the people’s money, especially for the poor. In solidarity with the people’s yearning for a corruption-free government, as endorsed by Archbishop [Jose Palma], we are inviting you to attend the Holy Mass for Call to Discernment on Political Corruption,” Kintanar said. 

“Amidst the growing indignation against political corruption, specifically the misuse and abuse of people’s money [through] the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) commonly known as the pork barrel, we need to reflect on the declaration of the Fourth Diocesan Synod of Cebu:  a large number of people ‘are poor since they are deprived of access to the basic material goods and resources, and they live under social, economic, political structures which have injustice built into them. (Cebu Synod IV, The Servant Church, #4)’,” Kintanar furthered.

The ADG’s initiative echoes the earlier call of Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle for a thorough investigation on the pork barrel scam and appropriate punishment for the culprits.  

Cebu Auxiliary Bishop Julito Cortes will celebrate the mass on behalf of Archbishop Palma. (Jandel Posion)