CEAP urges schools to remind students about Martial Law, gift of democracy

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MANILA, September 20, 2012—Teachers of public and private schools should make it a point to remind students that 40 years ago, the Philippines was placed under Martial Law and that Democracy was a valuable gift Filipinos will risk their lives for.

Fr. Gregg Banaga, president of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), said it is important to remind the youth about their elders’ sacrifice to attain freedom from dictatorship and tyranny.

Banaga, who was a student of Adamson University in 1972 when then President Ferdinand Marcos signed Proclamation No. 1084 and placed the country under Martial Law, recounted the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty prevalent during the Martial Law era.

“It is important to remind students about the Martial Law because the freedom we are enjoying today is not enjoyed in the past and a lot of people risked their lives for this freedom,” he said.

Schools should also be in the forefront of remembering the lessons of Martial law so that students will value democracy and not take it for granted.

“Let it be a warning to students not to take democracy for granted. If you don’t guard it, one day you will lose it and you will long for it,” he said.

Banaga also urged Filipino youth to “guard the freedom that you are enjoying today so that the future generations can also enjoy it.” (YouthPinoy)



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