CBCP urges reciting of Prayer for the Youth in flag ceremony, school Mass

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MANILA, June 14, 2011?With the onset of the new school year, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has urged the reciting of the Prayer for the Youth during flag ceremonies and student Masses in public and private schools to promote this year’s celebration of the Year of the Youth.

Fr. Conegundo Garganta, executive secretary of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth, has asked parish priests and parish pastoral councils nationwide to encourage schools within their respective turfs to habitually recite the Prayer for the Youth to encourage students to participate in year-long celebration of the CBCP Year of the Youth (CBCP YOTY).

Garganta likewise urged for the reciting of the Prayer for the Youth before and after all Masses celebrated in parishes to stir public awareness about the CBCP YOTY among the laity.

“For the sake of our youth and for promoting the ministry among them especially during this CBCP YOTY, let us request the parish priests and parish pastoral councils within our respective dioceses to recite the Prayer of the Youth before or after the Mass. Where possible, may we encourage you to, in turn, encourage other communities like schools, offices, groups, etc. to recite this prayer where fitting, e.g. before a school Mass, as part of the flag ceremony, etc.,” Garganta said.

The CBCP official also urged parish priests, cathedral rectors and school administrators to post tarpaulins about the CBCP YOTY inside, outside and around of their church buildings and school campuses.

“We know some cathedrals and churches that already did this; we commend them for their wonderful initiative. This is an effective visual aid in promoting awareness that 2011 is the CBCP Year of the Youth, which will hopefully translate to greater involvement in the ministry among the young,” he added.

Garganta likewise called on youth leaders and campus ministers to help the CBCP promote the celebration of the CBCP YOTY in their respective organizations and communities.

“Let us also encourage other groups and communities within our respective networks, e.g. campus ministries, youth organizations, covenant communities, government offices, etc. to come up with similar efforts to have as many young people know that this year, 2011, is their year,” he said.

The CBCP dedicated 2011 as the Year of the Youth, which also coincides with the 25th founding anniversary of the CBCP ECY. (Youth Pinoy)


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