CBCP may pull out of dialogue with Malacañang

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MANILA, Jan. 31, 2011—The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said on Monday that it might walk out of dialogue with Malacañang once the Aquino administration insists in supporting contraception.

After all, CBCP President Bishop Nereo Odchimar said, the ongoing dialogue has shown how far their positions are on reproductive health issue and it may be futile to pursue it.

“Again, it is a possibility,” Odchimar said. (But) at this point in time, we have not yet agreed to pullout. We have to still make formal agreement from this dialogue.”

In a pastoral letter released at the conclusion of the CBCP’s plenary assembly today, the bishops expressed sadness over how the talks have been going on.

“Sadly, our dialogue has simply revealed how far apart our respective positions are,” part of the statement reads.

Malacañang insists on its pro-choice stance and clarified that its proposed “responsible parenthood bill” is only to reduce poverty and not as a birth control policy.

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda also said there will be no “compulsion” on the part of the government to insist upon one particular method.

But the church officials said that based on the recent dialogues on the reproductive health (RH) bill, they feel that is seemingly going nowhere.

The prelates are also dismayed over Malacañang claims that it already reached consensus with the CBCP in so far as the provisions of its bill are concerned and that the church is not against it.

“Therefore, instead of building false hopes, we wish at the present time to draw up clearly what we object to and what we stand for,” said the CBCP.

Odchimar, however, stressed that they have yet to fully decide on the matter as they are still open to at least one more dialogue.

He said the CBCP panel will still be attending the next meeting next month before deciding on its fate.

“Probably in the next meeting, the two panels will decide whether it is futile to go on or there is still hope,” said Odchimar.

To recall, the CBCP and Malacañang have agreed to hold a series of dialogues on the RH bill amid the heated word war late last year.

In the statement, the CBCP also strongly urged Aquino to reconsider his pro-choice stance and totally reject the RH bill. (CBCPNews)

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