CBCP appeals for aid to Japan

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MANILA, March 16, 2011—The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has launched a campaign to raise funds for victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The appeal is being made by the National Secretariat for Social Action – Justice and Peace (Nassa), the social action arm of the CBCP.

In a statement, the agency, also known as Caritas Filipinas, said the appeal was crucial because of the scale of the tragedy.

It said thousands of people have been affected by the tragedy, leaving many families homeless and devastated from the loss of their loved ones.

“Many areas experienced blackouts as quake and tsunami damage has forced power plants to shut down putting a strain on electrical supplies,” said Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, Nassa chairman.

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake is the strongest in Japan’s history. But it was the 30ft high tsunami which caused much of the devastation, washing away towns and infrastructure.

Japan is currently dealing with a nuclear crisis after the tsunami destabilized several nuclear plants, raising the risk of accidents and radiation exposure to the surrounding population.

Aid agencies are already working in the region especially on those with no access to public services.

“Although Japan is a world power, Christian charity bids us to be one with those who suffer. The Philippines and other nations have also received support from Japan in times of need,” Pabillo said.

“Our donations will buy food, water and shelter, and rebuild homes and schools,” he also said.

Caritas Filipinas welcomes donations which will be forwarded to Caritas Japan, its partner.

Donors are asked to course their donations through Nassa-Caritas Filipinas; PHILTRUST BANK Account Name: CBCP CARITAS FILIPINAS FOUNDATION, INC. Account No. Peso Account No. 00320-013956-5; US$ Account No. 0034-000138287; and Euro Account No. 0035-00000031. (CBCPNews)


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