Caceres outs ‘Year of the Poor’ media plans

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NAGA CITY, Feb. 5, 2015 — In a general meeting held at the Basilica Hall on Jan. 30, the Caceres Commission on Communications (CCCom) conducted a planning workshop to set plans for realizing the renewed mission of the Church, especially in the light of the Year of the Poor.

Heeding the call of Pope Francis to “go out into the peripheries, the poor and the abandoned”, CCCom aims to support special evangelization efforts in the coastal parishes of the Archdiocese.

The Caceres Commission on Communications (CCCom) conducts a planning workshop to set plans for realizing the renewed mission of the Church, especially in the light of the Year of the Poor at the Basilica Hall, Jan. 30, 2015. (Photo: Mylene Velasco)

To kick off the planning, Julma Narvadez, assistant program manager at the Consuelo ‘Chito’ Madrigal Foundation, Inc., gave a brief talk on how to run the workshop. Narvadez, who was one of the key lay presenters and organizers of the Archdiocesan Congress of the Laity last year, presented once more the resulting vision, mission and core values of the said gathering.

‘Off to the Streets’

The Commission will organize and train teams that will provide stories, which will be published online and in print. Through this, CCCom carries out one of the missions of the Congress – to “promote lay collaboration”.

In keeping with the mission to “strengthen integral lay formation, especially among the youth”, the Commission plans to hold a Media Literacy Seminar in collaboration with the Caceres Youth Ministry. The youth shall be the frontrunners in the task of evangelizing through social media.

“Continuous formation of youth volunteers” is also part of the said program.

The Commission, however, will continue all of its programs for the TV and radio Apostolates, adding some twists, such as the merging of some of its programs and “inviting social institutions to avail of the free air time in Radio Veritas Naga” (Mondays thru Fridays, 7:30 a.m. – 9 a.m.). DVDs of the TV programs will still be provided and documentaries of “important programs of the Archdiocese” shall be produced.

Spreading the Word through mass media

CCCom has three main apostolates: print and social media, TV and radio. Its four main programs are Christian Formation, Advocacy, Media Literacy, and Communications.

The ministry was established as a Commission in 1987 by the late Archbishop Leonardo Legaspi, O.P. At present, the group is headed by Basilica Minore de Peñafrancia Vice-Rector Fr. Louie Occiano. (Natalie Hazel Quimlat/CBCPNews)

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