Bishop ‘proud’ of youth poll volunteers

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MANILA, May 17, 2013—As the unofficial parallel count approaches its last leg, a bishop gives them a figurative pat on the back, admitting he is proud of their hard work and selfless service. 

“Congratulations to all youth volunteers! May they remain firm in their faith, faithful to their ideals and courageous in their witness before others and in the world,” Chairman of Episcopal Commission on Youth (ECY) Bishop Joel Baylon said. 

Baylon, who is also the Bishop of the Diocese of Legazpi, expressed joy that thousands of young people volunteered for the May 13 polls “in the name of life, truth and Christian love.” 

Energy, dynamism, enthusiasm of youth 

ECY executive secretary Fr. Conegundo Garganta echoed the bishop’s sentiments by talking about young people’s unique contribution to the unfolding electoral drama – one that is still ongoing at the PPCRV command center in Pope Pius XII Catholic Center along United Nations Avenue in Manila where a good number of the volunteers are young people. 

“This is the young people’s gift to the communities – their youthfulness, their energy, their dynamism, their enthusiasm. With young people they can make difficult things light,” Garganta added. 

Garganta also talked about seeing “the anticipation and the joy on the faces of the many young people he encountered in the many voting areas”, particularly in his diocese, Antipolo. 

Many youth volunteers in this election come from the different youth ministries and Federation of National Youth Organizations member organizations in the different parishes and schools. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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