Believe and be transformed in God, says youth speaker

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MUNTINLUPA City, Nov. 18, 2011?A youth speaker at the National Youth Day’s plenary session rallied fellow youth to believe, understand, inspire , love and be transformed in God.

Jeremy Quinto of CFC-Youth for Christ discussed the qualities of being “Built up in Christ” during the plenary session at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

Quinto stressed that all people are Built up in Christ, but in order to be built up stronger, young people must “believe, understand, inspire, love and most important is to be transformed.

“To be built up with Christ, we must have these common characteristics. Why?” He asked.

Quinto explained that we must believe that we are loved by God. “We don’t need to read the Bible to prove God’s Love. The fact that we are living is itself a proof of God’s love for all of us,” he said.

Understanding is the other characteristic, he said. Each of us has a purpose why we are here. But we all have one purpose in common, to spread and proclaim God’s love. We need to pray in order to understand our purpose, he added.

Next is ‘inspire’, we are inspired by Christ, he continued. “The fact that we are all called Christians proves how we are inspired by Him. If Nora’s fans are called ‘Noranians’ and Vilma’s fans are called ‘Vilmanians, we are with Christ’s fans or called CHRISTians.”

Another is LOVE; “If you have love for one another, this is how they will know that you are my disciples, for it is in love that we are gathered and we are here,” he also added.

The last attribute, according to Quinto is TRANSFORMation.

We, have our own imperfections, our own mistakes. Don’t use being humans as an excuse, but be aware that we need transformation in order to be able to live a life for HIM. Transformation is a step by step process and it all goes a long way, he said.

If we Believe, Understand, Inspire, Love and Transform, then surely God would be proud of us and say, “I BUILT THEM!” said Quinto. (Jandel Posion/Ira Yu)


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