ABC method, solution to counter HIV-AIDS—bishop

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MANILA, Dec. 4, 2012—Abstinence, Be faithful, and Control of self (ABC) and not condoms, are the solution to counter Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection-Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV-AIDS), a Catholic Bishop said.

In a CMN-run press forum today, Antipolo Bishop Gabriel Reyes said that in Africa, condoms have been proven not the solution to stop the increase of HIV-AIDS cases because the holes of the rubber is much bigger than the virus that causes the diseases. In short, it is not safe.

“In the long run, the better way to stop or lessen the increase of HIV-AIDS cases here in the country is through the ABC method which is Abstinence, Be Faithful and Control of Self. Abstinence if you are not yet married. Be faithful to your husband or wife if you are married. And you must have self control,” Reyes said.

He also mentioned 25% of those who are helping AIDS victims are from the Church because “the Church cares for them but we have to care for them in the right way.”

Based on statistics, the HIV-AIDS cases are increasing among homosexuals or MSM (men having sex with men) by 80%. By October alone, 295 cases were registered by the Department of Health which was 48% higher compared to the same period last year at 200.

The Church on the other hand is educating the public to follow the ABC method in order to avoid the HIV-AIDS virus. (Jandel Posion)



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