9th JPII confab focuses on youth as agents of New Evangelization

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MANILA, April 26, 2013—The CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth (ECY) is urging youth ministers and catechists in the parishes, campuses and various movements and organizations to attend the 9th John Paul II Catechetics and Youth Ministry Conference organized by the Salesians of Don Bosco next month.

Themed “New Evangelization with the Young at Home and in Social Media,” the conference scheduled on May 15 to 17 at the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Makati City aims to promote the youth as agents of New Evangelization.

“The Conference has chosen to situate the New Evangelization with the young in these two contexts because the youth are born in the family that resides in the digital world today. The young are both home members and digital natives. Both home and social media are primary places for the young to learn and experience relationships. At home
they learn to value privacy; in social media they learn to live in public. Catechists and youth ministers in New Evangelization have to be up to the challenges today’s young offer them as the latter are influenced much by the values prevailing at home and communicated in subtle ways in social media,” the organizers said.

Organizers hope that participants of the conference will imbibe the spirit of New Evangelization, which Blessed John Paul II already expressed in 1983 when he asked the Bishops of Latin America to commit themselves “not to re-evangelization, but to a new evangelization, new in ardor, methods, and expression.”

“The theme also looks at the young in the important contexts of their life: their family (homes) and the digital world (social media). Hence this 9th JP II CYM Conference has the following specific issues to study, reflect, pray, and celebrate: new evangelization (NE), the young as evangelizers of NE, and the family and social media as the primary contexts of the young in the NE,” the organizers said.

For information about the conference and cost of registration, interested participants are enjoined to visit http://www.blessedjp2cymc.com/.

For the CBCP-ECY’s part, Fr. Conegundo Garganta thanked Salesians of Don Bosco for organizing a formative occasion for pastoral workers and youth ministers to deepen their faith and to enhance their capacity for the ministry.

“The ECY is grateful to the Salesians for organizing this for the benefit of our Church workers, especially those in youth ministry,” he said.

“We trust that you will take this opportunity, and that you will also share this information and invitation to your networks for their benefit,” Garganta said in a letter of invitation sent to diocesan youth directors, coordinators and leaders, and organizations belonging to the Federation of National Youth Organizations, and youth or campus ministers. (YouthPinoy)

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