9,000 youth rock with God at Liveloud concert

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MARIKINA City, April 10, 2013—Instead of an ordinary Friday night out, 9,000 young people from all over the country and the world gathered in the sweltering summer heat to praise God at the Liveloud concert last Friday. 

CFC–Youth for Christ members, some coming from as far as Canada, Australia, U.S. and the Middle east, came and stayed for a marathon worship that started at around 8 p.m. and ended at close to midnight. 

Kicking up dust in the process, thousands of YFCs worshiped God at the Liveloud concert, which also trended on the popular social networking site, Twitter.

Reminders of His love 

Goi Villegas, who led the participants into worship during the Liveloud concert, reminded thousands of YFCs, “If you feel unworthy, you are not alone.. God anointed people to remind you of God’s love for us.” 

He also encouraged the participants to see that primarily, these people are their parents. 

“We have our parents. God anointed our parents to be our first guides to know Jesus. Can you hug them? If they are with you now,” Villegas asked the crowd.  

He also encouraged the YFCs to seek God’s comfort in the sacrament of reconciliation. 

Not my story, but God’s 

In between several songs, YFCs like Anabel Britanico shared about personal struggles and how Jesus saw them through. 

Britanico shared onstage about the tragic deaths of her aunt, uncle and finally, her own brother and how the experience revealed her true calling – to trust in God. 

“This is no longer my story, but it is the story of God’s outpouring strength in me. I believe that I am called to trust in my God completely, to recognize that God is God all the time,” she said. 

The Liveloud concert kicked off the YFC international leaders’ conference proper at the Marikina Sports Complex. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz] 

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