MANILA, July 3, 2013— A pro-life party-list representative sees a strong number of opposition to anti-life bills in the newly-opened 16th Congress.

Congressman Lito Atienza of Buhay Party-list believes they have the numbers in the 16th Congress because many representatives are now against any death bills that will be introduced in the Congress.

“They are now more alert than before and knowledgeable. With this, we would be more effective on the floor, in the committees and public forum,” Atienza said, referring to neophyte’s lawmakers.

When asked about anti-life and anti-family bills that would probably be introduced, Atienza said that definitely divorce bill is one of those anti-life bills to be introduced.

“We are preparing to counter that. Divorce is another anti-life measure that will add to the destruction of the sacredness of marriage. Providing solution to marriage problem like divorce will destroy the married life,” Atienza added.

Aside from protecting life measures, Buhay also prepared measures related to economy and environment.

“We would like our country to progress, so we will also push for economy related measures. Meanwhile, we will be on guard [against] any anti-life measures which we know will be introduced,” he furthered. (Jandel Posion)