MANILA, August 2, 2013—Episcopal Commission on Youth (ECY) executive secretary Fr. Conegundo Garganta has assured of a 100% return of Filipino World Youth Day pilgrims to the country after the successful international gathering in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“All Filipino pilgrims will go back home,” he said, adding that there is no chance of anyone overstaying in Brazil.

“There is no question about any Filipino to go on TNT (‘Tago ng Tago’) or overstaying because our pilgrims saw what life is there in Brazil. Perhaps the country is not attractive to those who wish greener pasture,” Garganta added.

“For one to stay in Brazil, he or she has to have a brave heart. You need to learn the language because there are just a small number of Filipinos living in Brazil. Brazil is a progressive country but it does not offer promises for Filipinos who want to improve their life and financial status,” Garganta, who is also the head of the ECY-Philippines delegation, the official country delegation, explained.

Garganta arrived in the country yesterday, August 1, together with pilgrims from Davao Archdiocesan Youth Coordinating Apostolate (DAYCA), ECY Philippines 1, and CFC-Singles for Family and Life.

Another group of pilgrims arrived today. Several batches of pilgrims are set to arrive in the country daily, with the last batch from Butuan diocese on August 8. (Jandel Posion)